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Henry Lee, Founder, CEO

  • Serial Entrepreneur, Attorney

  • National Ranked Top 5% by Reuters

  • Advised Fortune 100 Companies

  • Successful Tech Exists

  • Obtained $100M Acquisition Offer

  • International Speaker



Terry Boston, LLC., Advisory Board

  • Former CEO, PJM, Largest Utility Grid in US

  • Former President, Edison Illuminating Companies

  • Chairman, North American Transmission Forum

  • Presidential Appointee, NIAC, National Academy

  • Leadership in Power Award, IEEE

  • Platts Global Energy Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Member, National Infrastructure Advisory Council

  • Board Membership: EPRI, NERC

  • Chair, Electric Infrastructure Security Council


George Shrouder, Director, COO

  • Strategic Business Development

  • Financial Analysis / Market Translation

  • Global Relations, UAE Accelerator, UN Showcase

  • Network Coordination of Ideas and Information

  • Global Carbon Credit Methodologies Oversight

  • Risk Management


Douglas Avery, Advisory Board

  • Co-Founder and Chair, California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP)

  • Founder and Chair, California Energy Alliance

  • Former Executive Positions:

    • Southern California Edison​

    • Lawrence Berkeley National Labs


Johnny Pham, Director, CTO

  • Technology and Product Development 

  • Supply Chain and Manufacturing Oversight

  • Regulatory Compliance Management 

  • Technology Architecture Operations

  • Strategic Planning and Operational Oversight

  • Certified ADC Technologist and Quality Control


Ward Christensen, Advisor/Consultant

  • Serial Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert

  • Degreed Mechanical Engineer

  • 35-Years of Experience Commercializing Tech Innovations

  • Success Record of Over 50% Average Sales Growth

  • Clients Include Municipalities, Fortune 100 Companies, NREL

We are currently finalizing significant workforce development and social justice programs through contractual arrangements with respected organizations. These include partnerships with the National Electrical Contractors Association, representing an extensive network of 60,000 member companies, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, with a membership of 750,000 electricians. These collaborations underscore our commitment to advancing professional growth and fostering social equity within our industry.

Our dynamic team is a mosaic of seasoned experts, each contributing a unique blend of skills and knowledge that catalyze innovation and excellence. With a track record of triumphs and strategic foresight, we harness our deep industry insights to conquer complexity and embrace emerging opportunities. Supported by influential relationships with key stakeholders and industry leaders, we amplify our capacity to deliver exceptional results, nurturing collaboration and driving growth in a rapidly evolving market. United in purpose, we are dedicated to forging a sustainable and prosperous energy future.


Together we can, Power Everyone!

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