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  • How does ADC technology differ from traditional AC and DC power?
    The principles of AC and DC power within ADC systems are fundamentally similar in terms of performance and operation. ADC's patented technology allows for the seamless integration of both types of power within existing building infrastructure.
  • Can ADC Systems run exclusively from utility power and still lower costs?
    Yes. ADC can take input power from utility, renewables, or both. While switching to green energy will provide the most benefit long term, it is not essential in order to take advantage of the savings from our DC lighting system, and other DC application use.
  • What is ADC (Alternating Direct Current) technology?
    “ADC” Energy is “hybrid” power management where AC and DC co-exist and operate on existing wires to energize AC and DC loads simultaneously without inversion or conversion ripples.
  • Will our facility need to shut down during ADC installation?
    The installation of our core Systems is swift and efficient. Depending on site size, installation of core Systems can usually be completed in a matter of hours. Our DC lighting can be fitted during late night hours whilst running your usual applications. In most cases there will be no need to halt operations.
  • Iʼm interested in installing the ADC System at my site, whatʼs my next step?"
    Contact ADC Energy for a full energy assessment; we will ask you to provide details of your site requirements and current electricity usage data. We will then provide you with a full report outlining how much you will save and ROI times.
  • Does the system require a large space to install and run?
    No, it is relatively compact system and generally fits into a standard electrical cabinet.
  • What are the primary benefits of ADC Energy?
    The primary benefits include increased efficiency, enhanced safety, reduced energy conversion needs, improved voltage stability, and better integration with renewable energy sources. As technology continues to shift toward direct DC, your building remains future proof.
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