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The White House has announced its goals to deploy at least 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations, and issued multi-billion dollar budgets to support the transportation sector to deploy electric vehicles, and incorporating them as part of the newly envisioned grid. Cars and utilities are now combined. ADC has designed and is currently developing its near commercial ready “Instacharge” solution which utilizes a pure “DC to DC” charging technology, without traditional rectifier, conversion factor.

Benefits include:

Flexible multi-voltage generation input from solar or other available clean generation. Instacharge utilizing Clean DC Power allows near instant charge of all battery cells simultaneously with little to no overheating from traditional charging technology. Easy to install “Islands of Instacharge” stations which primarily rely upon solar panels and/or alternative clean generation to provide the ADC Clean DC Power solution.



Solar Panel at night

ADC has revolutionized solar energy with its pioneering Extreme Solar Harvesting technology. Within the ADC ecosystem of Clean DC Power, our solar panels now capture energy during off-peak times and under suboptimal conditions. Unlike conventional panels that rely on ideal angles, clear skies, and peak hours from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., ADC's technology breaks these barriers, enabling continuous energy collection.


Our groundbreaking Extreme Solar Harvesting has been rigorously validated through extensive laboratory tests. ADC's Clean DC Power harnesses solar energy as early as 5:45 a.m. and as late as 8:03 p.m., setting a new standard for solar efficiency and reliability.

Benefits include:

Projecting a 90% increase in production over an expanded 14-hour period and requiring 50% fewer solar panels. Conventional panels are expected to perform more efficiently, considering the extended operating hours and performance under cloud cover. 


Whether you've been on your phone, engaged with social media, or browsed the internet today, you've undoubtedly interacted with a data center. Research indicates that data centers rank among the largest consumers of global energy, accounting for over 205 TERAWATTS, or 1% of the world's total energy consumption.


At ADC, we're currently undertaking confidential development initiatives for data center solutions. Our goal is to not only deliver long-term energy-saving solutions through sustainable practices but also to provide resilient, secure and reliable energy alternatives to traditional emergency diesel generators. Data centers serve as the backbone of the digital world, and ADC's Clean DC Power stands as a cutting-edge digital solution for these critical infrastructures.

User Interface

ADC Energy created a "hybrid" transmission that transmits BOTH AC power AND DC power together on existing wires - “Alternating Direct Current” (ADC). ADC transmits low voltage DC power (battery power) long distance without traditional line loss, and vintage energy conversion is now obsolete. We have just scratched the surface of what our technology can do and its plug-in applications. But, of all the energy technologies, ADC is the only one that can change the entire foundation of energy by offering an alternative means of transmission and eliminating the need for converters/inverters/adapters.


So, what does all this mean?


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of products and applications for ADC Energy. How do we know that? How many products/loads use AC power? How many products use DC power...electronics, batteries, electric vehicles, solar panels, data centers...? ALL of those products/loads can be powered by ADC Energy.

Tech Lights



Our grid was not originally designed to efficiently handle today's modern electrical demands, which often require DC power to be rectified for effective operation. ADC Hybrid technology bridges the gap between AC and DC, delivering significant cost savings and enhancing grid stability, as demonstrated at the building level. As ADC PCS deployment increases, the grid will experience an indirect transformation. The DOE has highlighted urgent threats to grid stability and cybersecurity, emphasizing this in NREL's 2020 "Research Roadmap on Grid Forming Inverters" and after Texas's grid failure with a "100 Day Call for Cybersecurity Solutions." Committed to addressing these challenges, ADC and its partners are advancing Clean DC power, AI, advanced controls, and modeling systems for a resilient and secure energy future.

AC is the most valuable technology in history—imagine being part of something even bigger...




Be a part of history...

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